The Diary Of A Pissed Off Rapper

by Philosophy

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Here is the mixtape that I have been working on throughout the year entitled “The Diary Of A Pissed Off Rapper”. I modeled it after one of my favorite Emcee's projects "Charles Hamilton – Every Charles Hamilton's Ex-Girlfriend’s Worst Nightmare Mixtape" with my own little twist. "The Diary" refers to a place where you keep your inner most secrets and feelings (my brain in this case), and the "Pissed Off Rapper" refers to the anger and hurt that has been locked up inside the diary for years that is finally rising to the surface. This tape explains what happened and how I felt about certain females and our different situations. It was created for all of the good men in the world that are always outshined by the “Assholes” and taken advantage of by females who obviously cannot make up their minds, nor know what it is they want when it comes to a partner. Hopefully, women will learn that all men are in the “asshole” category that they tend to group us in; the “N***** ain’t s*** category”. Some of us actually are good dudes that want nothing more than to give you the world, and treat like a queen on a pedestal. So please remember women, that maybe it’s the guys that you f*** with “that ain’t s***” and not everything that has a penis. Anyhow, thank you for downloading and listen to it. I really appreciate it. It is probably the BEST WORK I have ever done as a solo artist, and it is ABSOLUTELY FREE. I produced 11/15 beats and 3 by Raw-T and 1 by Reek Nas. Each track is a sample from the collection of Final Fantasy video games. Enjoy!

Thank you for the support, I appreciate each and every one of you. You are the reason that I keep doing this. Be on the lookout for my next two projects, “The Hopeless Romantic Pt. 1” & The Hopeless Romantic Pt. 2”.


released May 28, 2011



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Philosophy Atlanta, Georgia

Philosophy is a passionate artist who puts his heart and soul into every track. He is originally from Virginia Beach, but moved to Atlanta at a young age. He enjoys creating music from the soul and with much emotion. He continues to improve lyrically and in his production. Philosophy looks to sample unique songs and make the beat speak for itself; even without lyrics recorded on it. Enjoy! ... more

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