Diced Memories & Thoughts II Ft. Hannah B.

by Philosophy

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Here is the "Diced Memories & Thoughts" with my girl Hannah B. on the hook instead of Drake. ENJOY!


Different day, but livin the Shhhh/
People changed, even ones I hang wit/
Even ones I came in this game with/
49er K-Pack to A Smtih/
But... I ain't trippin like everybody thought I would/
And I ain't listen, like everybody thought I should/
But listen, we gotta make r(our) own mistakes/
Sometimes we gotta cry a River, Justin Timberlake/
Now this is for the wrong doers and all the fakes/
You're the type to lie God, like Eve and the Snake/
The type to sell ya soul so you can catch a break/
The type to punch a heart until it aches/
I loved you, and that's hard to say/
But God's the leader, so who am I to disobey/
So I let it let go, but I can't help but wonder/
Who's next to be the lightenin to all this thunder/

Livin soberly, sororities controlling thee/
Alcohol and Weed the only thing consoling me/
You say you benefit it's the bluff I call/
Then raise the stakes to the river of it all/
But I'm straight, oh wait, they're everywhere I turn/
This group hates another, discrimination burns/
Deep-down inside like the wick to candle light/
My circle all left, but I'll be alright/
Gotta keep my game tight, can't let this pain bite/
Gotta picture every frame in future hindsight/
Can't focus on the future if you're living for the present/
Can't focus on the present if the past holds your presence/
But check it, you gotta change someday/
Killin memories like Ted Bunday/
Or Bundy...However that you say it/
Just be 100 and never complicated/

Where can you turn, when you lose all faith in ya self/
Not only that but the music, the women, and health/
Inside my mind all I picture are demons and wealth/
Looked in the mirror, vampire couldn't see myself/
Can you runnin' through my mind/
The truth can set me free, but everybody's blind/
Or am I just too kind/
To give you what's deserved/
I wanna take revenge but Karma's better served/
But.... Well I don't cuss no mo/
But I should of gave you hell for walkin out that doe (door)/
Let's gets back on topic/
To the reason I'm depressed and feelin misanthropic/
You think I'm crazy right?/
But lack my visions sight/
This empty Loneliness, internal kryptonite/
The source of all my plight/ Am I losin this fight/
Trapped in my Dog's vision, everything is black and white/


released December 5, 2012



all rights reserved


Philosophy Atlanta, Georgia

Philosophy is a passionate artist who puts his heart and soul into every track. He is originally from Virginia Beach, but moved to Atlanta at a young age. He enjoys creating music from the soul and with much emotion. He continues to improve lyrically and in his production. Philosophy looks to sample unique songs and make the beat speak for itself; even without lyrics recorded on it. Enjoy! ... more

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