(Heal) On Your Own [Prod D​-​Prince of The League]

by Philosophy

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“(Heal) On Your Own” was produced by D-Prince. With this track I am answering the questions that A LOT of people have been asking me; “What happened with you and that white girl y’all seemed so great together” etc.

D-Prince hit me up and told me he wanted somebody to tell his story, which in turn included my story because we both went through a depressive state after spending so much time with someone, and then being left hanging without any sort of explanation or knowing where the problem(s) stemmed. I was honored by his request, so I accepted the challenge. I went through multiple versions of the track and I just never felt satisfied with the end result. Prince had been wanting the track from me for about a month, but I just kept delaying. I was literally so depressed because I was being real, but something just didn’t sit right with me. It wasn’t even the subject matter or the situation that depressed me. If I couldn’t hear it, then I didn’t want ANYONE else to hear it either.

The other day I was randomly going through my phone and I finally realized what the track was missing. It made it complete to me, even though it may seem like nothing to you all, it meant EVERYTHING to me; The phone call at the beginning. I make reference to it in apart of the song, “How can you say you love another person, then just stop it?”

The First verse, Philosophy (I) was in control of his emotions and was ok with the situation. He wants to wish the old-new happy couple the best with their engagement and future together.

But in the Second verse, Philosophy’s alter ego “Leroy Jenkins” takes control over Philosophy and releases his pure raw emotion. Similar to a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde situation, Philosophy and Leroy Jenkins battle for control of their shared mind. Philosophy, reminds Leroy that things happen for a reason and NO BAD DEED goes unpunished. He then wins control back from Leroy to finish the song.

This may be just another track for some of you, but for me this was an experience. A journey of acceptance and depression for the right and wrong reasons. I hope you take time out to listen and enjoy the track on Friday (Oct 19, 2012).


(Phone Call)


I bet you young niggas thought I 'd speak up on some swag shit/
We got Gusto now it's fantastic/
Anyway let me speak up on this topic/
How can you say you love another person then just stop it?/
I ain't for all that, no answer when I call back/
Just rewind the time daylight when it falls Back (uh)/
Anger was in heart, that you could let the distance tear us apart/
How can you have an end before you even start/
That's like Pablo Picasso without his art/
Day by day man, that's how you have to take it/
A 6 Month venture so tell me how did you fake it?/
Replaced it with an old situation/
I guess I should be thankful for this motivation/
What goes around comes around JT (Justin Timberlake) said it best/ I ain't mad, but I do wish you all the best (God Bless).


Verse 2:

They said I should of lost it/
I should of let you have it/
I should of let the shock hit you before the static/
Oh no! Where's my composure/
Emotional with exposure/
Probably because you left out to dry with no disclosure/
So I'm a poser/
Slow it down AN opposer?/
With the rope around throat hanging up like a poster/
Slow it again Upholstered/
Verbal weapons and holsters/
No Mary Jane, but I roll-er up upon these coasters/
Calm-down (exhale)/
Leroy just catch your breath/
She can't escape Karma that's the cousin of death/
She left you at the alter right after you said "I Do"/
Then went back to her ex who was beating her black & blue/
It's true/
No reference to religion/
Almost flew coop, Sporty Thieves with No Pigeons/
Don't reminisce on memories, rather how much you've grown/
No matter what they say, you've got to Heal On Your Own....And I'm on.




released October 19, 2012
Producer: D-Prince of The League @DPrincexLG
Writer: Philosophy @DR_PhilUpOnYou



all rights reserved


Philosophy Atlanta, Georgia

Philosophy is a passionate artist who puts his heart and soul into every track. He is originally from Virginia Beach, but moved to Atlanta at a young age. He enjoys creating music from the soul and with much emotion. He continues to improve lyrically and in his production. Philosophy looks to sample unique songs and make the beat speak for itself; even without lyrics recorded on it. Enjoy! ... more

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