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What is #TheHiatus?
#TheHiatus is just what the word means. After releasing “The Diary Of A Pissed Off Rapper”, “Mysteries of a Loveless Mirage”, and “The Tales Of A Hopeless Romantic Pt. 1 & 2”, I realized a number of things about myself as an artist. I realized that for the most part, all of the songs that I have made were about women, love, sadness, hurt, anger, relationships and heartbreak and heartache. It’s not that those things aren’t important topics to talk about, it’s just that I begun to feel that people only knew me as being that type of artist, and that’s what they expected to hear on every single project I ever make. Therefore, I felt that it was important to go on a “Hiatus”—or break.
It was not only important for me to go on this hiatus in order to better myself, my craft, my wordplay, lyrical content, flow, and storytelling ability, but it was important because I owed it to the people who call themselves my “Fans”—in which I say supporters because I don’t want to sound too high of myself. I feel like I want my supporters/fans to feel the same way I do when I listen to my favorite artist, as they listen to my music. I apologize that I did not give “The Tales Of A Hopeless Romantic Pt. 1 & 2” 110% like I did my other music. I originally didn’t care how it came out because I figured it would be my last projects for awhile and when I came back with my new sound, that I could blame it being bad on it being my “old sound”. Then, one night I actually began to take interest in those two projects and wanted to just scrap them and start all over; instead I worked harder than ever to bring my listeners the best product that I could from what I had left to finish. I am just thankful that they came out better than I thought they were, and that you all enjoyed it.
Now, “#TheHiatus” is what I like to call the “New Phil” or “New Philosophy”. With this project, I really opened up and let you all into a more personal side of my life to things that hardly anyone knows—not even my closest of friends. I definitely hope this is something you enjoy/enjoyed, because I tried to bring you so many different elements and angles of “Philosophy”. I tried some new things as far as production, flow, and lyrical content go, and I think I mixed it up pretty well with the topic choice and the intensity. I would like to say that I refrained from my usual heartbreak and heartache with this project. My intentions were to improve for myself, the supporters, and to show you all that I am more dynamic than what I have shown in my previous projects. This project is something that I am really proud of because I feel like it displays my evolution, hard work, and flexibility as an artist. As previously stated, I hope you all enjoy this project, and I thank you for even listening to it, downloading it, and/or sharing it with others. I also just wanted to say thank you to everyone that gave me their input on certain aspects of the project when I really needed it the most. I couldn’t have done this without each and every one of you.


released January 1, 2012



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Philosophy Atlanta, Georgia

Philosophy is a passionate artist who puts his heart and soul into every track. He is originally from Virginia Beach, but moved to Atlanta at a young age. He enjoys creating music from the soul and with much emotion. He continues to improve lyrically and in his production. Philosophy looks to sample unique songs and make the beat speak for itself; even without lyrics recorded on it. Enjoy! ... more

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